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Behind every successful business is a proactive team of consultants & CPAs. We are determined and team-oriented, always trying to work with and for our clients. We do more than just prepare taxes; we guide you toward your financial and personal goals. Together, we will focus on your financial journey rather than just the destination.

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Never Settle. We strive to learn something new every day and never settle for average.

Motivated to be the proactive business and tax expert in your corner.

Empower entrepreneurial success by integrating business growth and tax strategies as your accountant.

Natalie M. Elser, CPA & Principal Owner

Natalie Elser is a Certified Public Accountant by the California Board of Accountancy and is the President of C P A Group, Inc. With 15 years of experience under her belt, she specializes in tax, consulting and business advisory services for business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals. She received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from the University of California, Riverside in 2006.
Who is she when she’s not busy advising her clients? Natalie was inspired to create a proactive, collaborative, and personable experience for fellow entrepreneurs, closely held businesses, and motivated individuals. She wanted a space for clients and staff that is professional, educated and experienced, but simultaneously incorporate a relaxed, balanced and nontraditional “boring accountant” environment. It is important to Natalie that people are happy and are constantly striving for and reaching for their goals.
Natalie is motivated both in the office and out. Besides spending time running the firm and helping clients achieve their goals, she also continues to chase her own. Natalie works out multiple times a week, enjoys reading business and real estate books, and strives to better herself and business knowledge every day. She is a native Southern Californian and some of her favorite things are warm sandy beaches, a nice cappuccino, traveling and her little dog, Hefner.

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